field notes

Truth in Strength and Beauty of Starlings

Child’s eyes overwhelmed and absorbed. Profound enchantment. Murmurations of Starlings are one of nature’s incredible performances.

A symphonic waltz of flocks made up by a despised birds. Charitably described as Shakespearean pestilence, they are aggressive. Starlings raid food sources, nests and habitats of so many beloved birds.

In breeding season their iridescent feathers sleak, stunning. Colors and forms all harmonized tastefully exposing the peacock as gaudy second rate showman. I am conflicted.

One of the more soothing field entries I have made this year

I wonder. I don’t know. It’s hard to say. Finding inspiration in pestilence to see the other side of a pandemic. Can waltzing with Starlings help pull us through indefinite isolation? Is there a path hidden in their persistent survival for us to stay safe, healthy and whole? Watch for the Starlings. Find inspiration everywhere we can.