Ring-necked Pheasant Work in Progress with Fountain Pen and Watercolor

Landscape of notes on the Ring-necked Pheasant

Wake last Sunday. Birthday on Saturday. If I chose to I would give you balloons the color of a sunset over deep blue-green grass melting across our landscape. Recognizing an end and acknowledging a beginning.

If I had one color to describe a Ring-necked Pheasant that would be it. A perfect bird to draw and paint in the thick of November when cold air knits its way into our bones.


  • Pilot Custom heritage 92 translucent Black and blue
  • Kuretake Fountain pen brush
  • Iroshizuku Kon-peki & Take-sumi
  • Travel tin filled with Daniel Smith watercolors
  • Silver Black Velvet Voyager Num. 8
  • Tomoe Notebook
  • Hobonichi A6 notebook
Abstract color study in watercolor over blue fountain pen ink

What I share this week is cross section of work in progress. I dare watercolor tins to do big things as mastery eludes me. What falls short of describing the thing pleasantly suggests the energy behind the thing. This pheasant. Bold. Iridescent. Solid. Pattern of patterns.

More literal color and pattern notes still retaining some energy

Then to remove all color and have the thing look like the thing. That place in-between where I create a Ring-necked Pheasant out of a collection of suggestions. Marks. Colors. Shapes. That’s where I want this to be. It’s here among these visual notes.

Challenge accepted. Patience and persistence and joy.

~ Luis

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