Ring-necked Pheasant drawn with calligraphic flourishes

By the end of next week I should have dozens completed. Framed, posted locally and across the US. My gift of small comfort as the days get dramatically shorter until Winter Solctice.


  • Iroshizuku Take-sumi Ink
  • Kuretake Fountain Pen Brush
  • Silver Black Velvet Voyager Nu. 6
  • Pilot Custom Heritage 92

Nights grow longer. Weight of our moods suffocating a minute at a time. I think a lot about energy. I read a long article last week discussing how we as humans define energy. Harnessing energy is almost as difficult as it is to define. Article predictably ends with more questions. An artist can hope but no. Empty.

Productivity, endurance and creativity are not always fast friends. Artists struggle aligning each. Defining goals a common struggle. This artist struggles. The struggle begins with “good enough” or “greatness”.

We criticize ourselves that good enough is not good enough. What we mean is “falls short of greatness”. Art is hard. Artists make it harder.

Create something good enough consistently over time. Put in the work. Put in the time. That brings growth. Greatness. 


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