Learning to Love Fude Nib Fountain Pens While Drawing Kingfishers

My second fude nib pen. The first? In a bag of forgotten pens. Putting one of these pens to paper is an awkward experience. Meant as a bridge between the fudepen (natural hair or synthetic brush pen) and fountain pen, the bent tip of the nib is designed for East Asian calligraphy. The lower the angle it’s held, the thicker the line. Held at a 90º angle creates the thinnest strokes.

Sailor Fude DE Mannen. The nib is bent at 55º

There are semi-flexible, soft fountain pen nibs that allow for varying line widths. Brushes, of course, are the most versatile and challenging to master. It is known. Compare the two experiences, techniques, and challenges. I picked a loved bird by artists and bird watchers – Kingfishers. The results surprised me.

The Green-belted Kingfisher. Green fountain pen ink filling the green bamboo Sailor pen—no exercises or warmups. I went straight to drawing the adorable bird. While the nib’s angle is 55º, my experience was 180º from two years ago. As if I had been drawing with the pen for two years. Incredible fun and quick, expressive strokes.

From package to page – I went straight to sketching this Green-belted Kingfisher

The pen covers a lot of ground quickly. It’s more forgiving than a brush. I don’t need the hands of a surgeon while drawing fine details. As advertised, these pens sit right in-between the brush and standard fountain pen nib. In the two drawings of Kingfishers, depicted similarly, the fude nib sketch took one-third the time completing the brush pen drawing.

No wonder there are urban sketchers who swear by their fude nib pens. Putting down shapes and lines is helpful when observing an ever-changing public space. However, now that the busiest shopping season in years has started, I have the excellent problem of choosing which type of fountain pen to produce urban plenty of sketches.

I love pens 😆

~ Luis

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Green-belted Kingfisher

  • Sailor Fude DE Mannen 55º
  • Pelikan Edelstein Olivine Fountain Pen Ink
  • Tomoe River Notebook

Ringed Kingfisher

  • Kuretake No. 40 Sable Brush Pen
  • Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Guri Fountain Pen Ink
  • Tomoe River Notebook

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