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Snow Goose Ink Drawing, Fountain Pen and Wash in 2022 Hobonichi Techo

This is the third year using a Hobonichi. These are small but amazingly dense day planners. Day planner doesn’t describe these jam-packed little books. They mean something different to each person. Deeply personal, planner’s planner, sketchbook, journal.

My first year with a Hobonichi was a leap year. I committed to 366 daily drawings. Every evening, I sat quietly for ten to thirty minutes, making a little sketch of a different bird on that day’s page. It was one of the best long-term commitments I could have made.

Aside from introducing myself to birds I had never known, deepening my interest in birding, I was drawing for myself. No one else. These were mine, and that was liberating.

This year I decided to spend more time with each bird. As I move to make completed works to sell, print, and frame for our own walls, I must give the bird I am studying the time it deserves.

A couple of pages from this week are dedicated to the Snow Goose. These white with striking black primary feathers also have a morph. Not the female or non-breeding male or even molting juvenile. The Blue Goose has a snow-white head with the rest, not blue, grey feathers. Confused? Yes.



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