Portrait of a Landscape in Fountain Pen and Brushed Ink

Developing my first landscape in pen and ink Knee Deep in Cranberry Sauce Two lies. Honestly. Among Polish, Cuban, Ecuadorian and Germans attending our family's annual feast to kick off the shopping spreeson cranberry sauce aficionados are out of luck. Wait. No. Neither the pound of assorted rugelech or half dozen strudels will be filled … Continue reading Portrait of a Landscape in Fountain Pen and Brushed Ink

Colors of the Sun

Continuing to build momentum in my relationship with watercolor mistakes (oh so many mistakes) become opportunities. An exercise in watercolor gradations and temperatures of black were unsuccessful. Darks of the feather groupings on these black vultures were not so dark to escape hatching with fountain pen.

Brush & Pen Hatching Birds

Studying Raymond Sheppards own field sketches my pencil drawing stayed faithful. One I prepared the saucer of ink I went my own way. Inspired by Magpies, Jays and Mockingbirds these sketchbook drawings had the secondary benefit of improving the harmony between brush and pen.

How to Draw a Bird

Streaming through veins of air, vibrant and brilliant Shapes and marks and colors and patterns and calls Should I create lists scratching an analytical itch Books and guides and websites and apps. Knowing less with each spreadsheet Really! Sit in the electricity of stillness Each call carries stories long their own and their own long … Continue reading How to Draw a Bird