American Redstart

This was a satisfying pencil drawing and then I decided to try a gouache stain over parts of it. I immediately regretted it but kept going in the hopes of salvaging the sketch. It's a sketch in a sketchbook. The point is to allow room for mistakes.

House Wren

They're fairly common but get confused as just another little brown bird lumped in with sparrows. A little stocker in appearance even when the feather groups tighten up when they are on alert. I didn't get too deep into showing their barring on the wings and tail. I may have actually played them down a … Continue reading House Wren

Sandhill Crane

I've been thinking about the differences between cranes and herons. I love watching Black-crowned Night-Herons and Great Blue Herons fishing or just hanging out. I haven't had the opportunity to watch Sandhill Cranes but they seem to bring a lot of drama in their movements.