Spent the early hours prepping Plastilina and copper wire to create a model of the spine (pictured), pelvis and skull. An evening and weekend project that beats binge-watching and a fantastic complement to the blind contour studies I favor.

la figura humana

Bones of Wire & Plastilina

prepping plastilina and copper wire to create a model of the spine

sketchbook, studies

Best Foot Forward

Some find hands and faces challenging. For me, it’s feet and knees (I know I think it’s weird). Earlier last summer when I decided to begin practicing art full-time again I began a brand new sketchbook with feet. Especially when it’s a study or subject I’m not in love with I like to try new or less often used tools. Somehow the discomfort of using new, less practiced tools offsets obstacles in our approach to a problematic subject There’s a reset of perceptual wiring. We can just let go and draw.

Recent studies George Bridgeman’s breakdowns of the forms in the foot

Recently I went back to that same sketchbook months after the first set of studies. I decided on simpler sketches based off of George Bridgeman’s breakdown of the forms of the foot. After years and years, I still find feet to be funny looking hooves that wiggle.